My fellow’s poet while he’s on a trip.

What is real?
What is unreal?
What is reality?
Is my reality different than your reality?
Can’t you see me preaching in technicolor?
Because it’s real..
Just because you said it isn’t real doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
Or is it unreal?
Is it really unreal?

Ah, here you go again..
You and your dull-polluted version of reality..

A reality shaped by culture..
A culture who told you what to do,
what to buy, what to eat, who’s to vote,
who’s to blame, who’s to listen to,
they even told you how to die!

They force their own version of reality,
into your fragile life, and before you know it,
you perceived it as real.
As your own reality..

And that’s sad.. 😥

23 Maret 2014


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